Sunday, 22 January 2012

HONDA the power of your dream name ain husna bt azhari and this is the first time i entered the world of blogs. as a blogger, i need to type or write something that i like it or express something. first time writing in blogs, there are many drawbacks. for example, i do not know what should i write,about what, what should i share with my friends and so on. many circling things in my head, until it can not know which one should i choose. and finally, i choose to share with my friends what i like. what are my favourite car..???...hihihi...
in life, there must be something you like or you didnt like. today i will share the my favourite car,my favourite car is HONDA CIVIC TYPE R . honda civic have many type of engine, but i only just know two type of engine, type r and V-tec....hahaaha...(actually, only two types of engine i know). because of, i really like type of HONDA and i should work hard and must struggling to achieve my ambition. maybe someday i can use this car for my entire life and i will just stick with it....
emm.... i  do not know what more i should wrote,what i`m very sure is i really like type of car from HONDA. not just honda civic, but others type also i like. i think this is enough from me for today. if talk to much, afraid it just a fantasy....huhuhu...bye2 all...sayonara..=)

honda the power of your dreammm...^_^

honda civic hf
honda civic 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Imagine a World
Without Free Knowledge
For more than a decade, we have spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet. For 24 hours, to raise awareness, we are blacking out Wikipedia. Learn more.

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